Dr. Pawan Malhan

A Visionary...A Dreamer...An Educational Leader

Dr. Pawan Malhan is currently the Managing Director of eBIZ.COM Pvt Ltd.
Dr Pawan Malhan is active Social activist and have organised various Social responsibility events.
Dr. Pawan Malhan was also an active member in Canadian consultancy service.


Dr. Pawan Malhan is an educationalist and believes that a teacher needs be self aware, resourceful and should lead his students by example

Careers Highlights

Deputy Director of Association of Indian Universities and lectured in various Universities all over India on reforms in Higher Education.

His Contribution

Dr. Pawan Malhan is a well known educationist and philanthropist. Dr. Pawan Malhan is also part of various other social activities in and around India through his organisation, eBIZ.COM Pvt. Ltd.

His Vision

Financial freedom of youth and to create a corruption free environment.


From the Pen of Dr. Pawan Malhan

It was my mothers great religious values and motivational powers that had played a big role in my success as she would always be supportive in my desires to study. I was born in Punjab and my childhood till my teens was spent in Kanpur, where I had done my primary schooling to my Bachelors in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and Masters in Statistics and after that, my PhD was accomplished in Delhi.

My career had driven me to the Deputy Director of Association of Indian Universities, where I was involved in the field of Higher Education and lectured in various Universities all over India on reforms in Higher Education. One fine day, a chance came up to transfer to Canada and being the explorer I could not refuse.

But little did I know that my decision to come to Canada would change my life forever. I was introduced to a growing concept of Network Marketing and looking at the simplicity of the concept and teaching involved I was excited to start. I joined and worked hard giving presentations and meetings, I always had a white board in my car along with my diary for presentations. Any moment which I got, I would take it out and give a presentation on the spot. My initial days were spent in my car travelling here and there all over Canada and USA, for that period my car was my home. Within a few years I had a network of my own in 27 countries across the world and I was travelling to most of these countries and training and developing leaders under my network.

It was then I decided to bring this concept to India. I started my own company by the name of "eBIZ.com Pvt. Ltd" and started to promote it day and night. Itís now been 16+ successful years since the start of the company. And it makes me extremely proud that eBIZ has entered all the states of our nation and most importantly when I see that the youth who are still in college speak on stage and emit that positive aura which would not be found in any other group of the same age. These youth have not only changed their thoughts and vision in life, but they are helping others all over to do the same. In this world where we often come across corruption at various turns, I teach all my youth to shine even in the darkness with cultural values and to live a life of culture, honesty, hard work, passion, and focus towards achieving great heights. My vision of my youth is far beyond financial freedom, it is to see them leading our country towards a corruption free environment and to lead our country towards the top.

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